"Hope has a passion—and a real skill—for working with older adults."

Hope Reiner, the founder of HOPE CARES, has over 30 years of experience working with older adults. She is a certified Geriatric Care Manager, trained by the New York Alzheimers Association to run groups for caregivers and a Board Member of the Berk Family Foundation.

HOPE CARES' approach to her one-on work with older adults is reinforced by scientific research about the essential need for loving connection, stimulation, engagement and interaction in one’s life.

She enables people to flourish and experience joy, fun and cognitive improvement in their lives.

HOPE CARES has expertise in working with people experiencing:

  • Dementia such as Alzheimers
  • Sight or Hearing Impairment
  • Social Anxiety and Autism Spectrum
  • General depression
  • Loneliness
  • Isolation


"For the ailing, there is no substitute for face time with someone who cares about your fate."

—Jo Marchant "The Cure."


Each client's individual and personal needs and interests become the basis for a personalized plan of engaging and stimulating activities... Read more >


Hope enhanced Mr. T’s quality of life, and played a role in keeping him safe, fulfilled, and out of the hospital…  Read more >

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To see how HOPE CARES can help you, a family member, or friend rediscover a life of connectedness and joy, contact HOPE CARES today:
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